Size Guide: 10×15 Storage Unit

Couple Moving Boxes in Storage Unit

Searching for the perfect storage unit size for your needs? A 10×15 unit may be just the size you need.

The 10×15 storage unit is the ideal medium-sized storage unit, as it can fit a variety of belongings, appliances, and equipment. Plus, 10×15 storage units tend to be lower in cost than larger alternatives. 

In this size guide, we discuss the specifics of a 10×15 storage unit, including total square footage and what you can reasonably fit within a unit of this size.

Read on to discover whether or not a 10×15 unit is right for you!

How Big is a 10×15 Storage Unit?

A 10×15 storage unit is a standard size typically found at many self-storage facilities. 

This storage unit size measures 10 feet in length and 15 feet in width, resulting in a total square footage of 150 square feet. The exact dimensions can vary slightly depending on the facility, but this is the common standard that most facilities follow when constructing their units.

In terms of height, most standard storage facilities offer units with a height of roughly 8 feet. However, some facilities may offer special taller units designed to hold larger standing items. 

How Much Can You Fit in a 10×15 Storage Unit?

The amount you can fit in a storage unit depends on the items you need to store and how you arrange them. In a 10×15 storage unit, you can fit a considerable amount of belongings before the unit is full. 

Here is an overview of what you can fit in 10×15 unit:

  • Medium-Sized Furniture: You can generally store the contents of a two-bedroom apartment in a 10×15 unit. This may include a queen-size bed, a sofa, a television, an entertainment center, a dining table with chairs, and several boxes. 
  • Boxes: A 10×15 unit can accommodate a significant number of moving boxes. You can stack them to make the most of the vertical space — just be cautious of stacking any valuable or fragile items too high in case your boxes take a tumble. 
  • Appliances: You can store appliances like a refrigerator, washer, dryer, and smaller kitchen appliances in a 10×15 unit. However, some facilities place limitations on what appliances can be stored in their units, so check with your provider before storing appliances. 
  • Mattresses: You can easily store multiple mattresses within a 10×15 unit, making this unit size great for storage while moving to a new home. In most cases, you can store these items alongside other items like boxes and furniture — just make sure your mattresses are covered and protected.

Keep in mind that the actual capacity of a 10×15 unit can vary depending on the specific facility and how you stack and organize your items. Planning and packing efficiently to maximize the space and avoid damaging your belongings is a good idea. 

If you have particularly large or bulky items, you may need to consider a larger storage unit.

The Average Price of a 10×15 Storage Unit

The price of a 10×15 storage unit can vary widely depending on the facility. Different amenities and unit features can all impact the final monthly cost, making it highly important to consider your budget and what price range you want to stay within before selecting a unit and facility.

On average, a standard 10×15 unit costs around $125 to $150 per month. If the unit is climate-controlled, you can expect to pay an extra $25 to $75 for this feature. 

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At Distinct Storage, we offer a wide variety of storage units, including the 10×15 variety. Our units are climate-controlled to ensure the safety and quality of your stored items.

In our 10×15 unit, we recommend storing the contents of a two-bedroom apartment, including items such as boxes, appliances, mattresses, and medium-sized furniture. 

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