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Choose from multiple unit sizes to find a unit that fits your unique storage needs.

Personal Self Storage Units In Connecticut

If you’re in Connecticut and seeking a convenient and secure way to organize your living space, your search ends here! Whether you’re downsizing, relocating, or just need a safe spot for your seasonal belongings, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Choose from a range of storage unit sizes that cater to your specific storage demands. Our facilities are equipped with 24/7 security cameras to guarantee the safety and security of your valuable items.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or conveniently book your storage unit online today!

Benefits Of Self Storage For Personal Use


Self-storage provides an organized and systematic way to manage personal belongings, helping declutter living spaces. Choose from multiple unit sizes to find one that fits your unique storage needs.

Seasonal Storage
Self-storage is ideal for keeping seasonal items, such as holiday decorations or winter gear, in a secure place when not in use, helping to reduce clutter in your own home.
Moving Support
Self-storage facilitates a smoother moving process by offering a secure place to store possessions during the transition between residences. We provide you with everything you need to make your move seamless.
Downsizing Assistance
For those downsizing their living arrangements, self-storage offers a temporary or long-term solution to store excess belongings until a decision is made about their future use.

Our Units

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Choose from multiple unit sizes to find a unit that fits your unique storage needs. Not sure what size unit you need? Contact us!

5x5 Climate Controlled

Store items such as boxes, small furniture, clothes, or sports equipment.

5x10 Climate Controlled

Can accommodate items such as boxes, bicycles, mattresses, small sofas, or chairs.

7.5x10 Climate Controlled

Can fit the contents of a one-bedroom, including boxes, mattresses, small furniture, and appliances.

10x10 Climate Controlled

Store the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, such as boxes, appliances, furniture, mattresses, a motorcycle, etc.

10x15 Climate Controlled

Can store the contents of a two-bedroom apartment, including items such as boxes, appliances, mattresses, medium-sized furniture, and more.

10x20 Climate Controlled

This size is similar to a one-car garage and can be used to store the contents of a small house, including items such as boxes, appliances, or large furniture.

10x25 Climate Controlled

This size unit can fit everything from larger equipment, multiple items of furniture, large appliances, boxes, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you open?

We are open 365 days a year! We are open daily from 9am-5pm with the option to have 24-hour access for an additional fee.

Do you offer unit insurance?

Yes! When you rent your unit with us you will then be required to select a unit insurance that comes with varying protection amounts and associated costs.

How do I make payments for my rental unit?

You can make payments for your unit through our online payment system, by phone, or in person at the facility.

How do a book a complimentary moving truck?

If you would like to use our complimentary driving truck and driver contact us at (123) 456 7891 to reserve!

How do I log into the online payment portal?

After we receive your contact and payment information (auto pay is required), we will then text and/or e-mailed you the online login for your unit.

What can I store in a storage unit?

You can store any non-perishable items in a storage unit, including furniture, clothing, electronics, and household goods. If you are wanting to store something that might be considered hazardous, give us a call.

How does Valet Storage work?

If you choose our valet storage option we will deliver a trailer to your location and you will have 7 days to fill the trailer. We will then pick the trailer up and bring it back to the storage facility where we will unload your belongings.

How is the facility powered?

Know that when storing with us, respect for the environment is our utmost concern. We are utilizing solar panels, LED lighting, ultra-efficient cooling and heating systems, and an extremely well-insulated structure to reduce our energy footprint. We used an environmentally sensitive, low-impact, stormwater management design.